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Shidapu..  :)
Good memory from 24 March 2018.

Shidapu.. :) Goo...

Spiritual Movement - Roy Sason aka Shidapu at the party... 
He is master blaster for dance floor of Zion 604
It was really fun :)

Spiritual Movement

Roy Sason aka Shidapu at the party.....

Roy aka Shidapu at Upsy Tune.. 
I got shock!
It was killer ☺︎ 
Shared memories from my last visit of Israel...
Have a nice weekend !

Roy aka Shidapu at Upsy Tune.. &NewL...

昨夜テルアビブ郊外のZion 604パーティーへ参加しました。若い子達の真剣な踊る姿にエネルギーもらい、純粋に楽しい時間でした^_^
Share one movie from last night, Shidapu @ Upsy Tunes, (will up load Skizologic movie later ! ) Amazing party with pure dancers with happy energy all over, hope to share nice music with lovely people again!!! 
Toda x 😃❤️🙏✡

昨夜テルアビブ郊外のZion 604パーティ...


DJ Mijinkoのフリースタイル名義HRK


2013年冬、最後に?Space Tribe 着てた映像発見。撮影場所は Koenji cave 😆もう6年経つんだ...若いなぁw色々楽器とかやったけど、三日坊主の自分が唯一続けてるのは今のところDJとパーティーだけかもしれない。DJしなよー、ってひっぱってくれた皆に感謝。
I think it 2nd party since I started DJ in Japan.. 6 years ago, 2013 I was wearing space tribe as last in this party.. young.. nostalgic, funny to watch .. 🤦‍♀️😂
I played some music instruments till then, but only parties and DJ is continue and non stop.. I really appriciated invitation for Goa Tribe and Zion 604 and Matsuri Digital Chill.. i thought give up.. but continue.. thanks ppl 😘
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9 hours ago

Movie from The Dome
Ozora Festival official
Great memories.. ♡
Movie by 住田 磨音 (Magu Sumita) 🙏#matsuridigitalchill #Ambient #dubtechno #ozora #thedome HRK (aka Mijinko, Matsuri Digital Chill / Zion 604 Records) Movie from Ozora Festival 2019, The Dome...
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2 days ago

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Shared from Zion 604 👽
Shidapu vertigo 1995... 💛
またShidapu 呼びたい。
TSUYOSHI さん vs Shidapu とか。。
Goa Mania さんたちへの問いかけ 笑

今夜は DJ Golanski - Zenon Record
Shabbat shalom 🙏Shidapu - Vertigo Happy Full-moon 🙌
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5 days ago

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