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Title : Sun In My Eyes
Label : Matsuri Digital
Artist : D.E.D.E.
Cat No. : MD031
Release date: Beatport Exclusive 2019.11.10/ iTunes etc : 2019.11.24

Extra Meaning, Prastixに続きイスラエル人アーティストのリリースが続くMatsuriからイスラエルトランスシーンの立役者の一人であり、重鎮といえようD.E.D.E.によるシングルをリリース!D.E.D.E.が生み出したアップリフティングなコードが美しいタイトルトラック 「Sun In My Eyes」と、ディープかつ厚みのあるサウンドで聞く者をコズミックジャーニーへと誘うGalapagosとの共作「The Badger」の2曲を含むこのシングル、サイケデリック異世界を感じさせ、ダンスフロアに喜びと多幸感をもたらすリリースであろう。


Matsuri Digital is delighted to announce a new two-track EP featuring a longtime friend of Tsuyoshi and the label, the brilliant Israeli producer D.E.D.E.The title track Sun In My Eyes is a slower number with a bouncy kick and lively rhythm, but no shortage of power and cosmic vibes. With beautiful uplifting chords and harmonic figurations, intense acid riffs, and lots of cosmic whooshes and bleeps, this track is joyful and celebratory while also being extremely psychedelic and otherworldly.A collaborative production with D.E.D.E. & Galapagos, The Badger opens with some mysterious ear-catching harmonies but soon shifts gears into an incredibly high-energy mood-raiser. With a deep bass and fat kick, the track is filled with squelchy voice-simulating sounds and vibrant rhythmic patterns, frequency shifts, with a brilliant structure that takes you on a long and cosmic journey.Two brilliant cutting-edge mood-enhancing mind-expanding tracks! Tune in and blast off!



///Track List///
1.D.E.D.E. / Sun In My Eyes
2. D.E.D.E. & Galapagos / The Badger


Track 1 Written & Produced by David Nachmias
Track 2 Written & Produced by David Nachmias, Gal Amos
Mastered by Avi Algranati Spacecat
Cover art By HRK

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