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Title : Dark Matter
Label : Matsuri Digital
Artist : Species
Cat No. : MD051
Release date: Beatport exclusive 2020.2.12 / iTunes etc : 2020.2.26

Matsuri Digitalより、ベオグラードのプロデューサーDJ Akiによるプロジェクト、Speciesの新曲Dark Matterをリリース。

最先端のプロダクションにより、曲の立体感がはっきりと体感でき、モダンかつディープに仕上げられたユニークな楽曲Dark Matter、強力なベースラインに、幽々としたダークでマッドなリードラインを備え聞き手をディープな世界へと誘う。スローかつ厚みのあるサイケデリックチューン、隅々まで音のレイヤーを楽しんでほしい。


Matsuri Digital is pleased to announce a new release by Belgrade producer DJ Aki, with his Species project’s latest track Dark Matter.

This 138bpm stormer has a deep atmosphere that evokes the roots of trance composition while featuring cutting-edge production and ideas, with a powerful bassline and broody choral lead lines. Slower than today’s norm for psytrance, Dark Matter builds power internally through its harmonic tension and hypnotic atmosphere, bringing about a deep body-level groove and expansive inner exploration.

An amazing track that will raise the roof in nightclubs and sound equally brilliant outdoors at events under the stars!


///Track List///
1. Dark Matter


Written & Produced by Ahmed Hajdarović aka Aki SPECIES
Mastered by Goran Toprek aka TOCA
Art cover by Dragomir Nikolić aka ČEDA




▪️DJ Aki aka Species

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