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Title: Space Era
Label: Matsuri Digital
Artist: Tao
Cat No. : MD080
Release Date: 1 June 2023 on Bandcamp etc

2023年の3作目のリリースは、日本人アーティスト TAOによる Space Era。タイトル曲は、疾走感あふれるグルーブが心を躍らせるアッパー系サイケデリックチューン!!KENJI IKEGAMI とのコラボレーション曲、Take No Ne は尺八の音色が入るトライバル&ディープな楽曲。ゴア好きにも、サイケデリックトランスリスナーにも聞いて欲しい本作品、Enjoy the ride !

Matsuri Digital is pleased to announce a debut solo EP by an artist featured collaboratively on our label before TAO with his brilliant two-track Space Era EP.

This great artist is one half of the Japanese duo TAO & NAGA, who we heard in their great single Higo to Goa and then with their explosive track Spirit Bomb on DJ Solitare’s compilation Beyond Expectation. Now he returns with two solo tracks of equal power but very different styles.

The title track Space Era features appropriately otherworldly sounds with evocative melodic and harmonic languages, and it has a driving uplifting character. Take No Ne, on the other hand, is a slower, darker, groovier number with tribal voices and rhythmic elements fused with mystical sounds and a deep atmosphere. Both are amazingly powerful, spanning the range of the best psychedelic dance music that was at the root of this scene in the 90s.

Truly cutting-edge creations from a brilliant Japanese artist – be sure to check these out!

//Track List///
Track 1. Space Era
Track 2. Take No Ne

Track 1 Written & Produced by Kosuke Kitao
Track 2 Written & Produced by Kosuke Kitao, Kenji Ikegami
Mastered by Micky Noise at plus six mastering
Art Cover by UBAR TMAR & HRK ( 25mm Design )



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