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Title : Toki No Wa (in Japanese: 刻の輪)
Artists : Ubar Tmar, Momo Kawaki.
Cat No. : MDC008
Label : Matsuri Digital Chill
Release Date : 2021.02.02

歌姫Momoが降りてきた言葉を綴り、日本が世界に誇るサイケデリックミュージックの鬼才Ubar Tmarによる変拍子と融合させた、音の森羅万象ここに完成。

Japan’s proud psychedelic music genius Ubar Tmar and Spiritual diva Momo have together created the sound of sacred geometry.

// Release info //
歌姫Momoが降りてきた言葉を綴り、日本が世界に誇るサイケデリックミュージックの鬼才Ubar Tmarによる変拍子と融合させた、音の森羅万象ここに完成。世界中で同時に困難な時を過ごした2020年、ヒンズー/ブッディズムの物語に出てくる勝利の女神、摩利支天を題材とした神妙なダウンビートチューン「刻の輪」が完成。マスタリングはイスラエルのRoy Sasonが行い、Deep State, Light Stateと名付けたそれぞれのマスタリングは、陰陽のごとく対照的な世界観を味わえる。Momoによる手書きの仏教画的なアートワークも渾身の一作。魂に響く、言霊と音、全ての生命体への魂の祈りを込め、綴られた詩と音の世界に是非耳を傾けて欲しい。

We are pleased to announce that the new chaotic downbeat tune “Toki No Wa” is going to be released in February 2021. Japan’s proud psychedelic music genius Ubar Tmar and Spiritual diva Momo have together created the sound of sacred geometry. We have all been going through a difficult time on the planet these days. This tune contains a wish to calm Mother Earth and rebalance the current situation. The lyrics and cover art were created by Momo based on inspiration she received from Marici, a Buddhist goddess similar to the Hindu goddess Usha. Representing a “Ray of Light”, Marici is said to be the most prominent guardian goddess in Buddhism. Two versions of mastering by Roy Sason is like an expression of YinYang, you will listen to differences in colors of sound. Please enjoy this sonic kaleidoscope, which is a fusion of mysterious traditional Japanese ‘gagaku’ musical elements with modern Japanism through electronic music. (Text is supported by DJ Solitare, Thank you to Mark Ainley!!)

// Lyrics //
暁の女神 ウシャス 摩利支天よ 御身 陽炎の如く 揺らめく浄化の炎 護身除災
霊妙なる威光 旗掲ぐる 武徳守護神

乾いた大地に 一筋の雨が降る

天の恵み 地の恵み 空の青 海の蒼

命の子らは 目覚め鼓動する
永い 永い眠りから醒めたのか 深い 深い眠りから醒めたのか

地球に生なす 命の子らよ 命を紡ぎ 語り継ぐ 魂の輪廻未知なる流れ

幾年 幾千の 地球の鼓動
その核(コア)から湧き出る 光なす流れ
今 このトキに この瞬間へと 私達を引き寄せる

母なる大地 緑なす地球 芽吹いた輝く 実りの命
流れは風(ルン)に乗り 脈管( ナーディ)を巡る
私たちは 古(イニシエ)の 過ぎたる記憶の住人

未知を追う 刻の旅人 万行の流れによって
万超せしめし 更なる峯へと 目指し流れる
己が内の静寂の神殿 内なる宇宙 意識の塊根
己が宇宙に 未知なる力は 存在する

大地 大地は私の肉体
水 水は私の血
風 風は 私の呼吸
火 火は私の精神

嗚呼 大地よ 地の恵よ 風よ 呼吸よ 命の灯火よ

🇬🇧English translation for words / Poem
Toki No Wa (A Ring of Time)

Goddess of Dawn Ushas Marici
A flame of purification, shimmers like a heat haze
A spiritual majesty, Flag-raising, guardian deity of martial arts ”
Om Maricyai Svaha

A ray of rain to dried land
Blessings of heaven, the grace of Earth, Blue of Sky, Blue of the sea

The hearts of the children of life start to beat
Awaken from a long, long sleep, Awaken from a deep, deep sleep
or it is the beginning?

Children of beings on Earth spin their life stories, transmitting them
Reincarnation of souls

of the Years and Thousands, Heartbeat of the Earth flow of the light,
gushing from the core Attract us at this moment, now and upon this time

Mother Earth, Green Earth, A shining fruitful life that sprouted
The flow is in the wind, Around the pulse
We are the inhabitants of old memories

A traveler who pursues the unknown, By the flow of all lines

Fulfilling the mission, Flowing toward aiming for greater heights

The temple of silence within me, Inner Universe, the root of consciousness
Existence is in the universe, Unknown forces exist

Earth – Earth is my body
Water – Water is my blood
Wind – Wind is my breath
Fire – Fire is my spirit

Oh Earth, grace of the land, Wind, Breathing and Light of life

///Track List///
Toki No Wa (“Deep State ” Mastered )
Toki No Wa ( “Light State” Mastered )

Track Written and Produced by Takeshi Isogai.
Vocal and Lyrics by Momo Kawaki
Mastered by Roy Sason.
Cover art by Momo Kawaki.
Graphic edited by HRK


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