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Title:Shaman Coredata 2019 Remix
Label:Matsuri Digital
Cat No.:MD025
Beatport Exclusive start date : 2019.6.21

彗星のごとくシーンに現れたイギリスの若手アーティストCoredataことJonny Royallが満を持してMatsuri Digital より《SHAMAN Coredara 2019 Remix》をリリース!


Its infectious bounce and forward momentum are sure to whip dance floors into a frenzy across the globe, new talent from UK “Coredata”drops his new single from Matsuri Digital!


デビュー作として2018年にイスラエルのゴアトランスレーベルZion 604 Recからリリースした作品《SHAMAN EP》に収録されているSHAMAN、GWの2曲をよりパワフルに、よりサイケデリックに拘りのサウンドでセルフリミックスした《SHAMAN Coredara 2019 Remix》をドロップ!

ゴアトランスアーティストとして代表的な存在であるUnion Jackを師と仰ぎ、90年代のアシッドサウンドに影響を受けた次世代アーティストとして期待されるCoredataが放つサウンドに注目して欲しい!



Coredata is back, with producer Jonny Royall preparing fresh remixes from his breakthrough single on the Zion604 label that will bring a smooth groove to dance floors around the planet this 2019 season.

Coredata’s new remix of his popular track Shaman features a perfect blend of earthy rhythms and electronic mayhem, with a fat grooving baseline under beautiful harmonies and meandering melodies. Its infectious bounce and forward momentum are sure to whip dance floors into a frenzy across the globe.

Next comes GW, remixed and revitalized with a brilliant combination of funky tribal rhythms and wild upper-frequency sonic manipulation to keep dancers bouncing on the ground while their minds expand and spirits soar. A driving pulse, cascading chords, and otherworldly voices fuse into mind-melding, pitch-bending music that’s perfect for dancing under the stars.

Two massive tracks, brilliantly remixed for release on Matsuri Digital just in time for a sizzling summer festival season!


►SHAMAN EP Original version
2018年にZion 604よりリリースしたオリジナル音源はこちらから☟


///Track List///
1. Shaman – Coredata 2019 Remix –
2. GW – Coredata 2019 Remix –


All Tracks Written & Produced and Mastered by Jonny Royall.
Original Cover art design by : Netaly Reshef for Zion 604




■Zion 604 Records


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