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Nu Goa From Japan Vol.4
Goa Trance

Title : Nu Goa from Japan Vol.4
Catalog No : MD013
Release Date : 2017/5/16 on Beatport

Track List:
2. Acid Calling

Tracks 1 : Written and Produced by Ree.K
Tracks 2 : Written and Produced by YUTA, Shimodi
Mastered By MASA.

The 4th release of “Nu Goa from Japan” series to explore and output the newest psychedelic Goa sound is finally completed!”Nu Goa from Japan” series is for deliver the cutting-edge Goa sound by YUTA from Matsuri Digital.Put emphasis to dropping the Japanese Goa sound to the world, and this EP incl REE.K’s new down tempo track “Dass”on Track 1, Track 2 “Acid calling” is YUTA worked with Shimodi Jikooha for year to created and deep and strength tracks which is suitable for analog sound lovers not only Goa trance listeners.Mastering works for 2 tracks is by an Japansese legend MASA Please behold Samurai trance for explore deep & dope Goa.

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