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Title : “Enlightened Evolution” Remix by UNI
Label : Matsuri Digital
Artist : Astral Projection
Cat No. : MD048
Release Date : Beatport Exclusive 2020.12.11
Other Stores 2020.12.25

イスラエルゴアトランスシーンの重鎮、Astral Projectionが96年にリリースした”Enlightened Evolution”をUNIがリミックス!!

Legendary tune of Astral Projection from 1996 “Enlightened Evolution” remixed by UNI is out soon!

唯一無二の存在感を放ち、今なお不動の地位を確立する、イスラエルゴアトランスシーンの重鎮、Astral Projectionが96年にリリースした”Enlightened Evolution”をUNIがリミックス!アストラル節とも言われる、Astral Projectionの彼らの揺るぎない王道スタイルに、UNIのカッティングエッジなサウンドが融合した本作品は、クラシックゴアトランスとモダンなサウンドが組み合わさったパワフルかつアップリフティングな楽曲。リリース日は12月11日、お楽しみに!

Matsuri Digital announces a stunning brand new remix of a trance classic from a quarter century ago: Japanese producer Uni’s reworking of Astral Projection’s masterpiece Enlightened Evolution.

Astral Projection is still a legendary act in the scene and Enlightened Evolution was a huge hit on its release in 1996, and it is still one of their most popular tracks. Reframing the familiar harmonic elements of the original, Uni has breathed fresh life into his production with a driving kick, updated baseline, spaced out sounds, and cascading arpeggios.

A perfect blend of classic and modern psychedelic trance, this truly uplifting and energizing production is perfect for both at-home listening and tearing up the dance floor. Be sure to check it out!

Written & Produced by Avi Nissim, Lior Perlmutter
Remixed by UNI
Mastered by Ido Domestic
Art Cover by HRK



■Matsuri Digital:

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