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Nu GOA from JAPAN Vol.2

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YUTA, MASA, Asteroidnos, Jikooha and Jiu

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“Nu GOA from Japan vol.2” is out!
YUTA, whom current leader of Goa trance scene in Japan,
His new 2nd compilation album contained fresh tracks from Japanese artists MASA, Asteroidnos and GUUSUN and Jiu, also YUTA created traks with Jikooha, SLUM.

This compilation will be an presentation as cutting-edge Goa sound as future form to the world from Japan.
Please feel the new style of GOA TRANCE in its to be released from MATSURI DIGITAL.

Released: Mar 25, 2015

1. SLUM & YUTA / BLACK&GREEN (Original)
2. Asteroidnos / BLACK&GREEN (Deep Remix)
3. Asteroidnos / BLACK&GREEN (Acid Remix)
4. JIU / Liquid of Gaia
5. Asteroidnos & YUTA / Andromeda
6. JIKOOHA & YUTA / Mind Trippers
7. MASA / Rising Thunder
8. Asteroidnos / Ascension
9. Guusun / Watashidare MASA Remix

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