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TIME PARADOX – Compiled by YUTA –

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The next edition of  Yuta’s compilation album series ”Nu Goa from Japan”-“Time Paradox” – is being released by Matsuri Digital.
Following debut track of the ‘Rezonance Mood’ project by Yuta and Asteroidnos are works featuring Yuta’s great artist friends from around the world: Nobody Home, Graham Wood (aka The Infinity Project), Shiva Chandra, Masa…The concept of “Time Paradox”with celebrated artists is shifting the Goa Trance movement! The Goa Trance concept has been subdivided in recent years – this masterpiece blows apart all current concepts to usher in a rebirth. This album is not only for Goa Trance listeners but will have a powerful impact on all trance fans and acid sound lovers….Let’s Tune IN!

Released: 12/21, 2015

Track 1 Written&Produce by Yuta Uda, Makio Sato
Track 2 Written&Produce by Daniel Vernunft
Track 3 Written&Produce by Masayuki Kurihara
Track 4 Written&Produce by Graham Wood
Track 5 Written&Produce by Marcus Henriksson
Track 6 Written&Produce by Grahan Wood

Track 1
Mastered by Makio Satou at Asteroidnos Studio, Japan

Track 3,5,6
Mastered by Marcus Henriksson (aka Son Kite, Minilogue, Nobody Home)
Mastering at at Studio Cosmos, Sweden

by Mitsuru Aoki

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